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Monday, March 14, 2011

Andrew's Electric Bass Blog
Welcome and thanks for checking out my ramblings. This is the starting point or Home Page (if you will) for a number of blogs I've managed to piece together over the last few years. I've broken it down to make things a bit easier to read, update and manage. The sections are:

Wal Basses - Wal is back! There is a lot of interest in these great instruments and being a true fan of the work of Electric Wood Ltd, I've gathered some great Links, Information and Pictures for your pleasure.

Wal Bass Gallery - Pictures of my personal favourite Wal basses can be found here. Every Wal bass is unique, but these are instruments that elevate the phenomenal luthiery of Electric Wood into the realm of "bass as true artform". More pictures will be added as permissions are received.

Other Basses - These are my personal choices; the instruments I know and love with information, pictures and my personal impressions. I hope that this proves useful to you and provides a good read. Newly updated!

Bass Gear - This section provides information on bass rigs, amps, preamps, cabinets and other bass-related gear that I use or have owned in the past. These are my personal impressions only, however I am hoping that they also may prove useful to some reader out there.

Guest Book - I welcome your comments, corrections and pretty much anything else that you wish to contribute. Although I do moderate all comments, you may log in anonymously to post in this section.

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Monday, September 06, 2010

Visitors, welcome!

Welcome to all! These pages receive visitors from all over the globe thanks to a link that recently appeared on Wikipedia. The map above represents a single average day of visits here, with total visits averaging roughly 1000 per week!!! I'm still shaking my head in disbelief. Anyhow I hope that the information, personal opinions and pictures here prove helpful in your personal search for tone. Be certain to view the links (above) for actual content. This page is a starting point only.

A Little Information About Me

I've been playing both upright and electric bass since 1966 (I was 13), so this year marks my forty-fifth anniversary as a musician. In 1968 I dropped out of school to pursue my dream: as a full time musician. I have also been involved in the microcomputer industry since 1979 and that has kept the mortgage paid.

Currently I play in an Ottawa-based band called Feat First, performing primarily material by Little Feat. Of course the obligatory videos are posted on YouTube.

I am also playing in Vendetta!

I suppose some gear information is also in order. I play Dingwall basses and use TC Electronics amplification. Here's a reasonably current list of my gear:

Dingwall Voodoo Prima 5-string,
Dingwall Afterburner II 5-string,
Dingwall Afterburner I 5-string,
Wal MkIII beech fretted 5-string,
Wal MkII black fretless 5-string,
Wal MkI black fretted 4-string,
Tobias Signature 5-string (1991),
Fender Precision original pre-CBS 1962,
Warwick Streamer StageII '90.

TC Electronics Blacksmith,
TC Electronics RH750,
TC Electronics RH450,
Millennia Origin STT-1 preamp,
Millennia TD-1 preamp (DI),
Crest CA9 poweramp,
Aguilar DB680 preamp,
Aguilar DB728 poweramp,
Trace Elliot V8 head,
Fender '64 Showman head.

TC Electronic RS410 (x2)
TC Electronic RS210 (x2),
TC Electronic RS212 (x2),
TC Electronic RS112,
Acme Low B2 series II (x4),
AccuGroove El Whappo,
Fender '65 Showman (with the original JBL D140F speakers!).

Influences and Teachers:
John Entwistle, James Jamerson, Joe Osborn, Duck Dunne, Leyland Sklar, Tony Levin, Geddy Lee, Chris Squire, Jack Casady, Tim Bogert, Dan K. Brown, Bruce Thomas, Mick Karn, Stu Hamm, Stanley Clarke, Victor Wooten, Ray Brown, Ron Carter, Charlie Mingus, too many others to list.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Lastly, just a quick thank you for a few folks who have helped me along the way: These are in no particular order...

Psycho Bass Guy, jokerjkny, KJung, tommixx, hippiesandwich, Bovinehost, Vanselus, Tombowlus, Nightbass, (the real) Walbassist, Walmach, WalCustom, Bass Viking. You may recognize these nicknames from various bass forums.

Also, I wouldn't forget to extend thanks to Jim Hamilton, Keith Braund, Brian Sim, Ken Hodgkinson, Rich Heslip, Roy Dickinson, Wayne Sweeney, Jeff Steck, Barry Wanless, Kelvin Wong, Duggie McRae, Mitch Roberts, a few different guys all named Gareth and a cast of thousands. I know I've missed a few, so apologies in advance if I forgot to mention you specifically...

Jillian: thanks for being such a dear friend. I am so very glad that you are still in my life.
JoAnne: absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder.

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